Real Estate’s Tech Boom: Why It’s Time for a Deal Management Solution

A Deep Dive Into the Software Driving Success for Real Estate Investment Management Firms of All Sizes

The commercial real estate industry is notoriously behind when it comes to technology, but deal management software has played a considerable role in changing that. In recent years, firms of all sizes have rapidly adopted deal management software to simplify and streamline the investment process, as well as overcome bottlenecks.

Deal management platforms serve as a cloud workspace for teams to standardize processes, invest systematically, and handle a higher volume of deals in less time. This ebook explores real estate’s reliance on deal management software as a way to:

  • Source & track new deals
  • Centralize data & file management
  • Manage tasks
  • Collaborate and communicate
  • Simplify reporting
  • Integrate third-party data sources and other tools
Deal teams who use deal management platforms are proven to save 22.5% of their time, reduce errors in underwriting and due diligence by 18.1%, and lift team productivity by over 50%. This technology is anything but a “shiny object”; the right software becomes a critical driver for top- and bottom-line growth.

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