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Early on, real estate investment management teams had no choice but to piece together deal data and associated information from various teams, tools and systems. But as your team grows, and the volume of deals you review increases with it, working asynchronously becomes increasingly difficult and time consuming.

How can multiple team members update one spreadsheet at the same time? Where can cross-functional teams find the most up-to-date data and information? With deal execution as a priority, how can analysts find time to corral disparate data sets for reporting?

To keep pace in a rapidly evolving industry and deliver the returns investors expect, you need to evaluate and execute deals with precision, confidence, and efficiency.

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Dealpath is the leading purpose-built deal management platform used by real estate investment management teams. Designed by and for real estate investment professionals, Dealpath provides real-time access to vetted, secure, up-to-date investment data to empower collaboration and turn your data into your competitive advantage.