On-Demand Webinar: Dealpath for Developers: How Corner Lot Development Group Standardized Projects


Learn How Leading Developers Scale & Simplify Project Management & Execution With Dealpath

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how Corner Lot Development Group standardized project management and execution on Dealpath, turning hours of error-prone work into a few simple clicks.

During the webinar, Erich Geisler, Project Manager at Corner Lot Development Group, reveals actionable steps that your firm can take to execute at scale by managing deals in Dealpath: 

  • See how developers launch new projects efficiently by generating comprehensive task checklists, including auto-assigned tasks, for every new project
  • Learn how developers manage fluid project timelines by assigning, communicating about and reporting on deals in one platform
  • Hear how Dealpath has empowered Corner Lot to maintain real-time visibility into critical dates, tasks, dependencies and more
Watch the Webinar On-Demand