On-Demand Webinar: Reporting Best Practices: 6 Industry-Standard Reports (And How to Create Them)

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Streamline Reporting With Standardized Templates That Provide Instant Visibility

Reporting on pipeline deals is a painstaking, time-consuming process that’s only as helpful as your data is accurate. 

During the webinar, Dealpath’s reporting experts will share how you can follow industry best practices that enable teams to operationalize reporting and quickly identify the metrics that matter most:

  • The importance of standardized and centralized data for simplified, accurate reporting
  • Six reports that all teams should look at regularly, such as pipeline reports and critical dates reports, as well as the data they should include
  • How to remain focused on deal execution by using Dealpath to generate reports through a turnkey process
  • The role that reports should play in day-to-day operations
Watch the Webinar On-Demand

Standardized reports empower teams to scale data-driven decision making--without concerns about accuracy.

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